A Daily Reporting Tool that manages man-hour cost effectiveness and conducts employee evaluations through daily reports.

Nippo is a web-based application that assists managers in monitoring the overall productivity of their workers. This application is the perfect solution for conducting detailed staff-oriented managerial work.

Nippo manages, monitors and evaluates each employee’s productivity through the use of daily reports. Through Nippo, the company can increase its knowledge of each employee’s daily work routines in a comprehensive manner, so that managers will then be able to use these reports in evaluating staff performance.

Why Nippo

Accessible and User Friendly with both Desktop and Mobile Platforms

Man-Hour cost management can be summarized for each project conducted by every employee.

Evaluation and Self-Assessment can be conducted on a daily basis.

Problems That Companies Often Face

Tasks are done in an inefficient manner. Managers are unable to figure out who is spending time on them, and for how long.

Managers are unable to constantly regulate the activities of those in their employ. Therefore, the quantity and quality of some employees may remain surreptitiously inefficient for long periods of time.

Where internal communication is lacking, employees themselves must find ways to evaluate each other so that HRD and Managers can evaluate their productivity.

A lack of objective and fair employee evaluation. To solve this, numerical based assessments are needed.

Benefits of using Nippo

  1. Managers can easily keep tabs on and track the work content done by each employee.
  2. Through Nippo, assessment is done in a fair and practical manner, and can be conducted in this way on a daily basis by managers.
  3. Since both self assessment and supervisor evaluations are managed through the interface, HRD is able to bring up any problems in a clear way to staff.
  4. Internal communication is revitalized through a more interactive interface scheme. The ability to leave likes and comments will create a sense of comradery and recognition between team members.
  5. Remote workers get a chance to assess their skills based on the same criteria as regular workers.

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